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Fujian has newly discovered a hidden island, which is like a paradise, which makes people yearn for

Date: 2021-09-09

Seeing the Mid-Autumn Festival, the National Day holiday is approaching.

I'm afraid there are some friends too.

I have already started planning where to go during the holiday.

Do you want to open far doors and avoid people following the crowd?

Known as the fourth pole of the earth.

Kasumigaura Yotsuya Islands

do not miss it!

Glass sea water, green grass, wonderful caves.

Magnificent cliffs, comfortable sea fishing, magnificent sunsets...

And the group of Chinese crested terns.

Each frame is one second.

These are as desirable as Xanadu.

More importantly, this island is not far from Fuzhou.

And it only took half an hour in Bali.

Enjoy private island vacation time.

Not much garbage, now everyone is following Brother Xiaoyou.

Go and enjoy the beauty of the island!

There are very few local residents.

Set foot on the island of paradise.

Located in the southeast sea of Xiapu, far away from the prosperous mainland. In the past, due to the inconvenience of transportation, many locals had never been to this island, or even knew nothing about it.

Because it only has an independent temperament, many people like to call it Little Bali, but countless little friends on Yuedao believe that it is more natural and more beautiful than Bali!

There are 17 islands on the island, and each island has a different reef shape and natural scenery. The next Xiaoyou brother will choose 5 lectures. The other islands are also very beautiful, but it is not easy to land on the island.


Only the main island can be inhabited.

There are 4,700 hotels and cheap convenience stores on the island. At present, there are 17 islands, the only edible island, and the other islands are uninhabited islands~.

The island is called the fourth pole of the earth by the outside world without too much human intervention. The mountain is the mountain and the sea is the sea. Each stone has a different shape, and every scenery is like a breath~.

Although there are no Internet celebrity landmarks, the fairyland-like beauty of the Garden of Eden allows you to put aside all your worries, appreciate the harmony of nature and man, and return to the beautiful realm of nature.

The most not-to-miss place to go to North West Island is to watch the sunrise and sunset. Whenever the sun shines, the sea and the sky are as beautiful as a picture scroll written by God, seemingly random. In fact, every stroke reveals a profound foundation.

In addition to the pleasant scenery, it also retains complete air-raid shelters and other facilities, and most of the residents here can speak Fuzhou dialect, which is kind to the heavens.